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Medal "Saint Menas", gold plated

Price:108,00 лв.

The medal “Saint Menas” has a complete glit 24K. On the front of the medal is a representation of St. Menas and his blessing for prosperity of home and family. On the back – scene from the Annunciation. The medal is in a wooden box with various apposition possibilities.

Saint Menas was a soldier in Egypt and proffesed the Christian faith. At that time, Diocletian and Maximilian reigned in Rome, they pursued with cruelty all the christians who did not worship the idols. He lost his life in 296 as he defended and protected the Christian faith.

People who have prayed before the icon of Saint Menas or in his monastery are saying that he does miracles. Hundreds are the women who walked there and pray to Saint Menas the Martyr to conceive, and after that they return to his monastery, to baptize their children, saying “This is a miracle!”

Famous with many miracles that he did,Saint Menas is patron of orphans and homeless, also of all the healers, medicasters, warriors, and the people who have taken a long way. St. Menas protects the women , they prayed for child before his icon, for the health of their children, the joy and prosperity of the home. Saint Menas is the patron of the family and its prosperity. Every year, on 11th november we feast the day of the saint and name day are celebrating: Victor, Victoria, Mincho, Minka. The meaning of his name is “moon”.