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About Gold Center

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Gold Center Ltd specializes in trade with precious metals. It offers investment gold, bullion, silver and gold coins, collectible coins, medals and medallions. The company is registered in the Ministry of Finance under registration number 4861.

Gold Center offers products from more than eighteen mints and three refineries from various countries like Australia, Austria, Finland, France, Canada, Russia, Spain, New Zealand, Singapur, Switzerland, etc. The mints and refineries portfolio exceeds 2000 types of products from gold, silver and other metals.


  • Provides professional and complex service in the precious metals field: up to date information on prices and markets of investment metals, consulting on selecion of services and products, storage and security, cashing in of the investment
  • Fast and simultaneous delivery of precious metals products produced from around the world. To that end the company maintains physical quantities of the above mentioned suppliers on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  • Establishing new business channels in financial institutions connected to precious metals trade;
  • Wholesale: commercial banks, financial institutions;
  • Retail: individuals and legal entities, online store, investment intentions of customers, collectibles;
  • Consultation in the field of investment intentions of individuals and legal entities;
  • Up to date information – daily updating of prices, important news, foreign newsletters.


  • Bullion
  • Coins
  • Medals
  • Bullion – medallion
  • Limited collections – collectibles
  • Custom products.

Additional services:

  • Deliveries under specific requests;
  • Providing and guaranteeing storage in Bulgaria;
  • Providing and guaranteeing storage outside Bulgaria;
  • Delivery of contemporary coins and collectibles.


  • Expert consultation in the field of precious metals. The company was founded by professionals with extensive experience in the field of trade in precious metals, which were based on the creation and development of this trade as an independent business structure in a number of banking institutions in Bulgaria;
  • Individual approach to the client;
  • Swift and quality service;
  • Price parameters with competitive advantages due to direct representation and direct import from the manufacturer;
  • A permanent physical availability of a diversified product mix;
  • Reduction of the amount of operational funds invested by the customer when purchasing goods – due to the quick and easy access to the desired quantities there is no need to make one-time large volume purchases;
  • Elimination of the risk for the customer from the accumulation of large physical availability;
  • Elimination of the cost of shipping and transport;
  • Elimination of the cost of customs processing and insurance.