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Silver Medallion "Saint George"

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On the 6th of May the ortodox church marks the day of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victory-Bearer or St. George’s Day.
The name George is of Greek origin meaning “farmer”. It is formed by the words “geo”- “earth” and “ergo”- “work”.
The name George became polular in the XIV century when the crusaiders brought from Palestine
the story of the martyrdom of St. George in the name of Christ.  Later on, narrations present the legend
of a young handsome warrior who defeated the Devil who had taken the shape of a dragon, to prove the sthreght of Christian faith.
In Bulgaria, the veneration of St George has been popular since antiquity -
for our ansestors he was the embodiment of the cult of Heros (Yaros, Ares) – one of the major ancient gods.
This is why St George is a warrior who is always wearing hir armour and weapons.