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Medal "Saint Demetrius", gold plated

Price:108,00 лв.

The medal “Saint Demetrius” has a complete gilt 24K. On the front of the medal is a representation of St. Demetrius. On the back – scene from the Annunciation. The medal is in a wooden box with various apposition possibilities.

Saint Demetrius is christian saint and every year on October 26th we celebrate his day. Emperor Maximilian appointed him to a high post  in his hometown of Thessaloniki with order to pursue Christians. Demetrius refuses and even protects them for the rest of his life. The name of Saint Demetrius is also associated with the bulgarian history. On October 26th 1185, in “St. Demetrius” church in Tarnovgrad, Assen and Peter anonced that they were against Byzantine rule. According to the legend with the day of St. Demetrius the winter starts. Translated from Ancient Greek, the word “demetris” means: belonging to Demeter, the goddes of earth and fertility. Saint Demetrius is patron of builders, designers, construction companies, architects, engineers.