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Wedding gift set 2017

Price:55,00 лв.

Technical data

1х 28мм, 1х 26.5мм, 1х 23.88мм, 1х 18.03мм, 1х 21.02мм
1х 6.99г, 1х 6,27г, 1х 4.4г, 1х 1.75г, 1х 3.95г
Nominal value: 
1х 2$, 1х 1$, 1х 25cents, 1х 10cents, 1x 5cents
Year of issuance: 



The wedding gift set consisting of 5 coins is a great gift for the newlyweds. The set includes a unique 1 dollar coin, which is available only in this gift set and is unique in its kind. The coins in the gift set are uncirculated and have a traditional design.

A place for special wishes and wedding details is provided on the packaging. An envelope is included which can be additionally inscribed.

The wedding is a special ceremony and a celebration for everyone. This event marks the gathering of two people and their strong love. With this original gift you can send a message for health, unlimited happiness, joy, peace, love and prosperity.

The perfect gift to start a life-long adventure of coin collecting!