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Collection "Saint Theodore"

Price:177,00 лв.


Todorovden is celebrated every year on the first Saturday after Sirni Zagovezni which in turn is held seven weeks before Easter. In translation, the name Todor means God's gift. St. Todor is the patron of the horses. Everyone with the name Todor, Todor, Theodora, Teodor, Tosho, Bozhidar, Darina, Dora, Dorothea is celebrating.

Collection "Saint Theodore" consists of two products - medal "Saint Theodore" which is gold plated 24K and a silver medal "Saint Theodore" from fine silver with a casing which allows it to be become a medallion. On the medals' faces are depicted two running horses and the face of St. Theodore, and on the back of the medals is a scene from the Annunciation. The medals are placed in a mahogany box with a variety of insertion options plus certificates.

Todorovden is between winter and spring. Nature is set to change and turn to a new beginning. Therefore the people believe that on this day St. Theodore puts on nine mantles, mounts his horse and goes to God to ask him to send the summer. When he gets there, he thrusts his spear in the ground, binds his horse to it and goes to the Lord. When he comes back he pulls out his weapon, and heat comes out of the place. St. Theodore brings the summer, everyone can celebrate now and the difficult days remain behind.