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Silver medallion "Archangel Michael"

Price:90,00 лв.


Medal "Archangel Michael" is from fine silver 999/1000. On the face of the medal is depicted the image of Archangel Michael, who holds a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, and the words commander and guardian. On the back - a scene from the Annunciation. Every silver medal has a casing which allows it to be used as a medallion. The medal is placed in a box of mahogany.

Michael is an archangel and guardian of the heavenly Kingdom. He symbolizes the triumph of goodness, light and justice. Patron of warriors and soldiers. His name means "Who is like God?" i.e. "divine".

Archangel Michael is honored on the 8-th of November. Their name day celebrate Angel, Angelina, Michael, Michaela, Lina, Mila, Milena, Radko, Raia, Raina, Radoslav, Emil, Emilia, Plamen, Plamena, Ognian, Ogniana, Gavrail, Serafim.