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Silver medal "Health&Luck Egg", partly gold plated

Price:144,00 лв.


The silver medal "Health&Luck Egg" is made of fine silver 999 and is partially gold plated 24K. On the face is an egg with a leaf of geranium and the words "health", "happiness" and "love", and on the back an egg with four-footed clover and the words "luck" and "prosperity." The medal is placed in a beautiful transparent box that protects it.

The egg symbolizes all four elements of the universe: the shell embodies the earth, the skin - the air, the white - the water, the yolk - the fire. It is accepted to give paschal eggs, not only natural, but also egg souvenirs of various materials. It is believed that they have unusual abilities to provoke positive changes, make people better, cleaner, wiser and stronger, and to get rid the home of accumulated negative energy.