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Collection "The Holy Virgin of Tenderness"


The collection "The Holy Virgin of Tenderness" consists of a gold plated medal 24K and a silver medal from fine silver 999. On the face of the medals is the image of the Virgin Mary with the Child, and on the back - a scene from the Annunciation. A casing is provided for the silver medal which turns it into a medallion.

The Holy Virgin of Tenderness is one of the most widespread types of images of the Most Holy Mother of God with the Child. Her image is associated with protection, strength and love. Mother of God is a protector of motherhood and women, she helps with conceiving. She responds to every request made with a pure heart and sincere faith. She comforts all the suffering and helps the needy.

The collection is a great gift for all who celebrate on August 15 and are named Mary, Mara, Marie, Marin, Marian, Mariana, Masha, Maria, Preslav and Preslava.