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Medallion "Flower Wishes", gold and silver plated

Price:57,00 лв.

Technical data

Златно покритие-999.9/1000; Сребърно покритие 999/1000
24 мм


Flower Wishes" for the most beautiful flower! The medallion symbolizes the coming of spring as it depicts a flower and butterflies on its front. Additionally, it marks the name day of all who celebrate through the engraved well wish and wishes them health, happines and luck. The tree of life and love is depicted on the back with wishes for strength, life, energy, knowledge, greatness and beauty. 

The medal has a casing turning it into a jewel. The packaging has a special space for personal wishes.

Birds, who sing sweetly, budding trees and flowers, today the whole world celebrates and wishes health and well-being. It's Palm Sunday!

Name Day celebrate Bilyana, Bozhura, Violeta, Varbinka, Veneta, Ventsislav, Vanessa, Gergin, Grozdan, Dalia, Dafina, Dilyan, Delian, Detelin, (From Ela), Evelina, Jasmine, Zdravka, Zdravko, Zumbuel, Iva (name), Iglika, Kalina (name), Kalin, Karamfilka, Kamelia, Latinka, Lili, Lila, Lilia, Liliana, Laura, Margarita, Magnolia, Malina, Neva, Neven, Hanza, Paulina, Ralitsa, Rosa, Rosalina, Rosanna, Rosen, Rositsa, Smilian, Siana, Temenuga, Tsvetan (a), Tsvetanka, Tsvetelin (s), Tsvetomir (s), Tsvetoslav (s), Tsvyatko, Tsvetin, Cherry, Yavor, Yagoda, Yassen, Yasmina.