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Silver pendant bar "Birch"

Price:75,00 лв.

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10 г
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The silver pendant bar "Birch" is made of fine silver 999/1000 and is part of the beautiful collection "Nature's miracles" - beauty that only nature can create. On the face of the medallion is a birch - considered to be a sacred tree by the ancient Celts who used it to protect against evil forces. People still see it as a symbol of the spring equinox and spiritual elevation. The Scandinavians associate the tree with maternity, they also consider it a defender of lovers.

These .999 fine Silver bars were inspired by the Birch Tree, one of nature's many beauties. These 10 gram PAMP Silver bars come packaged in an elegant black box, and sealed in CertiPAMP packaging. Delivered with a satin cord, this stylish bar can be worn as a daily reminder of natural beauty and grace.