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Plush elephant "Moya", with a gold coin

Price:252,00 лв.

Technical data

0.5 g
11 mm
Nominal value: 
10 Dollars
Year of issuance: 


Collector's treasure and gift idea: plush elephant with heart of gold

This plush soft friend with a heart of gold is a gift for life: "Moya" is the name of the little elephant - that simply means, but aptly, "heart". 
And because this name can be taken quite literally, the 
high-quality plush elephant 
on its neck 
wears a heart-shaped capsule that contains a 10-dollar coin made of the 
purest .9999 gold !

While that pot of gold is only available in this edition , it quickly becomes clear: coin collecting has never been so cuddly! 
Whether as an endearing gift for all occasions or as a precious and at the same time timeless investment:
This collector's item is an absolute asset for coin lovers and those who want to become one! 

But that's not all: The plush elephant was made 
in Germany and inspires with a gold paw ,
which additionally confirms the authenticity of the specimen! 
With a circulation of 
only 5,000 copies worldwide.
However, that plush elephant with a heart of gold is strictly limited. 
So do not hesitate and get this piece of gold in your home today!